Jen Stevenson, Payroll Specialist



Other Accounting Services

​I am an absolute payroll specialist. I firmly believe that there is no one else in the Roanoke area who can do the job for you the way that I can. For all other accounting and tax services, I have partnered with Micah Fraim, CPA. Here is an excerpt from his "About Me" page:

"My Mission: to help small businesses and individuals succeed by giving them the services they need at rates they can afford.

I have been in Roanoke for almost my entire life. I was born and raised here and graduated from Roanoke College in 2010. After graduation I went to work for a Fortune 500 Company as an accountant and financial analyst. This gave me the opportunity to work on a diverse group of assignments with perspectives into business, finance, marketing, and accounting.

As I spoke to friends and small business owners in the Roanoke area and reviewed the work that some low-cost "accountants" were doing for them, I saw there was a need. Individuals and small businesses needed CPA services but could not afford them and were instead attempting to do the work themselves or were having it done by charlatans at discount rates. My mission is to provide individuals and small business owners in the Valley the services they need at rates they can afford. By adopting a low-overhead model, this has been possible.

I love Roanoke and the entire surrounding area. I want my clients to succeed and I will do anything in my power to give them the tools they need to do so."

If you have need for any accounting or business services, please contact me or visit him at or call him at (540) 314-0345. Tell him Jen sent you!  

Call today: (540) 420-1106