Saving you Time and Money

Imagine the time and money you can be saving by having Jen Stevenson, Payroll Specialist process your payrolls. You have the freedom to put extra income where you please.


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Jen Stevenson, Payroll Specialist



The Whole Payroll Picture

Payroll can be tedious and extremely complex. With the ever-changing payroll laws and new healthcare changes, let me make payroll work for you. From time input to full tax payments, filings, and year end W-2's, I am here for you and your employees



It's 2020- When your company faces a payroll challenge, you have to choose a payroll service provider that brings an unmatched depth of real-world experience. I have amassed skills that come from a multi-faceted and focused work history. In addition, I am committed to staying ahead of the technological and regulatory curves that so often blindside businesses.